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Connect Phone and Internet – VoIP Phone System

Our range of solutions provide you access to a phone network where a traditional landline connection is not available, or where it has been converted to the NBN. How? We use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services which can run over any reliable internet connection. With access to multiple carriers, we can connect your Telephone and Internet services using a mix of technologies and providers.

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Simple Fixed Line VoIP Phone Plan - via NBN

Our fixed line VoIP phone plan uses the NBN network for transmission.

  1. One “All you can eat” plan including line rental and calls to any standard Australian telephone number.
    • Mobiles
    • Local calls
    • Long distance

2. Great international call rates

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    Telstra’s 3G network is shutting down.

    Connect Mobile customers, check your device is 4G/5G compatible.

    TXT 3G to 3498


    Mobile Phone Plans

    Choose from one of our SIM only plans and enjoy great mobile coverage tailored to your needs. Don’t pay extra dollars for data you don’t use. Best of all, you can keep your own device and phone number. 

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    Connect Mobile Plus 10GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 22GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 32GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 50GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 90GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 120GB
    Connect Mobile Plus 150GB

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