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Telstra’s 3G network is shutting down.

Connect Mobile customers, check your device is 4G/5G compatible.

TXT 3G to 3498



Cel-fi Roam R41 car kit
Telstra network

Cel-fi Roam R41
Black Hawk Truck Antenna
Cel-fi internal repeating antenna


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Legal Mobile Network Boosters

Connect Technology Australia is a proud distributor of Nextivity products, including Cel-Fi and Cel-Fi GO mobile signal boosters. All Cel-Fi mobile repeaters have been tested and approved for use on the Telstra, Optus & Vodafone Mobile Networks, and only requires one bar of reception anywhere in your home to boost your signal. We also stock Australia’s first carrier approved in vehicle repeater, the Cel-Fi GO, solving your mobile coverage issues on the move. Whether it’s your house or car, mobile home or tractor, we’ve got your connection covered.

car in remote area with mobile connection

The Mobile Booster Technology behind Cel-Fi and Cel-Fi Go:

All Cel-Fi and Cel-Fi Go kits come with 3 components to provide voice and data signal boost on mobile networks. We sell full kits or separate parts: 

  • A Donor Antenna: this can be an indoor or outdoor antenna depending on the application, and is used to capture the signal from the main carrier network (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone). This will be either a 3G or 4G signal;
  • A Repeater or Booster: this is the main component, it captures the signal from the donor antenna and boosts it up to 100dB (building models) to a service antenna;
  • A Service Antenna: this will re-transmit the now strong signal at full capacity (five bars). As you distance your mobile phone from the service antenna, the signal strength may diminish. Large buildings may require more than one service antenna to promote full coverage of indoor and outdoor areas.

You can operate Cel-Fi and Cel-Fi Go easily via the Cel-Fi WAVE APP on your smartphone.


cel-fi-diagram for cars homes and boats

Mobile Mode

Cel-Fi Go is the solution to poor mobile coverage for trucks, cars, caravans, and even marine vessels.

Stationary Mode

Cel-Fi is suitable for commercial buildings, farms, mine sites, government buildings, or large homes.

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