About Us

albany view of port
albany view of port

Who We Are 

Connect Technology Australia is a family owned and operated company and has been providing Information Communication Technology (ICT)  and connectivity solutions since 1993. With no phone queues and a team of dedicated experts, support is never far away. We pride ourselves on our innovative and cost effective solutions to bring internet to regional areas. Our wireless networks enable even more clients to get connected, as well as providing much needed infrastructure and services to shires and farming communities right across regional Australia.

What We Do – Connectivity Solutions

Connect Technology Australia delivers services utilizing national carrier networks and local resources, backed with project management and remote support systems right across the nation. We also partner with leading vendors to provide a broad suite of connectivity solutions.

  • Consult, design, construct, secure and maintain data networks
  • Internet Services
  • Mobile Plans
  • Public and Private Radio Networks – point to point links and point to multipoint networks
  • WiFi installations – from residential to commercial networks
  • Phone Systems – on premise and cloud based options available
  • Data Cabling – fibre optic, copper, commercial and industrial solutions
  • Legal Mobile Network Boosters

With the combined knowledge and technical strengths of our engineers and carefully selected partners, we have been providing innovative, up to date and high-tech solutions to meet our clients needs.

Why we do this

With our love of technology and wide open spaces, we are passionate about providing services in rural and regional areas.  We are up for a challenge and providing connectivity in non metro areas across Australia certainly gives us one.  Plus, just because you want to live beyond the black stump doesn’t mean you have to miss out on staying in touch with family and friends or running a business.

Connectivity plays such an important role in overcoming the tyranny of distance and allowing medical, social and business services to be delivered remotely.

Where we do this

As a Western Australian based company in Albany, we predominantly service the Great Southern region of WA. However, with access to a national network of like-minded companies, we design and deliver connectivity solutions across Australia and New Zealand.